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The Boat Guy USA - Why us?


The Boat Guy USA Inc. was established to ensure new and experienced boaters will have the peace of mind that both their boat and family are safe and ready to meet the challenges on the water. Whether you hire us to perform a survey, one-on-one instruction, or deliver your yacht, we strive to equip you and your crew with the knowledge and skills to lead to many safe and fun outings on your boat.

Captain Ed Torre is a professional mariner with over 35 years of maritime experience. A native Long Islander, he was formally trained at SUNY Maritime College. He is a USCG licensed Master of 1600 GT vessels upon Oceans and a USCG licensed Chief Mate of Unlimited tonnage upon Oceans. Ed also possesses a sailing endorsement with the USCG and is a graduate of the Chapman School of Seamanship Marine Surveyor Program. Additionally, he invests his time and resources in continuing education to stay current on the never-ending changes in marine technology. Believing it is important to give back, he is a volunteer member of the USCG Auxiliary where he focuses on vessel examinations and boater safety education. 

Survey Credentials and Coursework


  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®)  Surveyor Associate

  • Chapman School of Seamanship

    • Yacht and Small Craft Surveying

    • ​​Fundamentals of Damage and Claims Survey

  • ABYC Marine Corrosion Certified Advisor

  • ABYC Marine Systems Certified Advisor

  • ABYC Marine Standards Certified Advisor

  • ABYC Basic Electronics and Corrosion Mitigation

  • ABYC Practical Application of Marine Standards

  • ASA Marine Diesel Course

  • BOCES Marine Engine and Systems

  • ABYC Webinars and Additional Coursework

    • Propeller Selection

    • Efficient Electrical Systems Emerging Technology

    • Propane Systems

    • Rigging Inspections

    • Mistakes in Fiberglass Repair

    • Selection and Installation of Marine Batteries

    • Digital Switching

    • Cathodic Protection

    • Electric Shock Drowning

    • Demystifying Electrical Concepts and Standards

    • Marine Corrosion 101

    • Surveying Electrical Systems

    • Electrical Conductance Battery Tester

    • Diesel fuel Systems Components

    • Seacock Installation Overview

    • Free effects of Salinity

    • Marine Accident Investigation



  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®)

  • ABYC member

  • Chapman School of Seamanship

  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

  • USCG Auxiliary Safety Inspector and Instructor

  • Soldboats

  • BUC ValuPro

  • Boatpokers

  • SUNY Maritime College

    • BS Marine Transportation; International Business

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A Personal Message from Captain Ed Torre:

"Some of the most important attributes a marine surveyor and instructor must possess are professionalism, integrity, patience, and an ability to communicate effectively. I enjoy working with boaters of all skill levels, from first-time boat owners to experienced boaters. I take pride in working effectively with others and being able to break down complex issues so they are easily understood.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge, skill set, passion for boats, and the sea with you."


"The sea is selective, slow in recognition of effort and aptitude but fast in the sinking of the unfit." - Felix Riesenberg 

Our Captain

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